IP Video Surveillance

IPVS solutions from Layer3 Security Services®: This presentation outlines the benefits of IP Video Surveillance while describing Layer3 Security Service's capabilities

Commnexus Event on Video Surveillance: The Digital Media SIG Presents: Video Surveillance Technology at Work Facilitating Security in Private and Public Locations

Layer3 Security Services® believes that an effective physical security effort hinges on education and careful planning.  Layer3 provides a monthly newsletter describing the latest developments, technologies and successes in the IP video surveillance space. Layer3 also offers quarterly educational seminars designed to empower you and your staff with the knowledge to make sound decisions and put your budgeted security dollars to good use. Our knowledge provides our clients with a...

Layer3 Security Services® provides IP-based video surveillance (IPVS) and other physical security solutions to private and public institutions including industrial and research facilities, business campuses, hospitals, K-12 schools, universities, and government agencies.

Whether designing a new IP surveillance...

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