June 14, 2012 - ASIS International Monthly Luncheon

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Eric Frost, Ph. D. spoke about "Potential Cybersecurity Concerns and Opportunities with Social Media in Disaster Response".

Mr.Frost is the Director of the SDSU Viz Center and Co-Director of the Homeland Security Graduate Program as well as the Center for Information Technology and Infrastructure. His work is focused on the use of geospatial mapping and visualization in Humanitarian Assistance Disaster Relief, especially working with the US military in their efforts to assist globally in difficulties such as responses to hurricanes, typhoons, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, fires, landslides, and man-made difficulties. His classical training is in geology and most of his career has been spent teaching people how to find oil and gas as well as understand the extraordinary gift that the Earth is to us. His work in Central Asia countries with remote sensing, visualization, and collaboration has helped focus the Viz Center effort on helping people and governments using cloud computing, fiber optics, remote sensing, sensor networks, and collaboration / social media tools. Many of these same tools with Social Media, cloud computing, smartphones, and Visual Analytics also fit many other worlds for public security as well as International Trade Optimization - linking trade and resulting in enhanced security as a byproduct.

The ASIS monthly luncheons are held on the 2nd Thursday of every month. For more information, visit the ASIS International San Diego Chapter website.