MicroPower Technologies Surveillance Cameras Streamline Honda Service, Reduces Liability - Wireless video system drastically reduces installation cost as trenching is not required

Business Wire, June 21, 2012

MicroPower Technologies Inc., an award-winning provider of surveillance solutions optimized for rapid, cost-effective deployment, today announced Hoehn Honda has deployed a comprehensive wireless surveillance solution as a means to control liability and theft, and enhance customer service. Hoehn, a leading automobile dealer in the San Diego area for more than 35 years, deployed MicroPower because of its immediate return on installation costs as no trenching is required to deploy the system, and no cables are necessary for power or data transfer.

“We leverage video in an effort to deploy the right amount of staff to exceed customer expectations,” said Richard McCracken, Service Manager, Hoehn Honda. “One of the Hoehn philosophies is ‘if the customer isn’t happy, make them happy’. The MicroPower surveillance cameras increase our situational awareness, keep the facility secure and limit liability issues, all while providing substantial cost savings.”

MicroPower’s surveillance solution was ideal for Hoehn Honda as it immediately saved tens of thousands of dollars in installation costs when compared to traditional surveillance systems. Covering large open spaces, such as automobile dealerships, quickly becomes cost prohibitive, as trenching is necessary to deliver power. Trenching 1,000 feet can cost as much as $100,000 per camera, but MicroPower devices can be deployed on-demand as no wiring or trenching is required, allowing immediate system scalability and a 90-percent reduction in installation time. This compelling value proposition allows users to realize significant savings in power and deployment.

“The minute you think about putting power and connectivity in a remote location or a parking lot in a facility like Hoehn Honda, the price of a system skyrockets. MicroPower developed a system unique in its ability to deliver wireless video reliably and efficiently, while saving the end user a substantial amount of time and money on installation costs,” said Dario Santana, President and Owner, Layer3 Security Services®, the integration firm on the project.

Hoehn Honda deployed MicroPower Rugged-i™ solar-powered, wireless surveillance cameras throughout its perimeter and service areas. Three surveillance cameras monitor the dealership’s service center queues with another camera monitoring a remote parking lot to deter crime and gather valuable video data for investigative purposes. The complete MicroPower surveillance system, which also includes the MiniHub™, offers rapid setup and immediate network deployment to provide organizations with a powerful weapon to combat liability and crime in outdoor and perimeter security applications.

“The MicroPower surveillance solutions provide outdoor venues and facilities with a security solution specifically designed to decrease the cost of remote installations,” said Jon Siann, Founder and CEO, MicroPower Technologies. “It is now practical for users to realize the great benefits, both increased security and liability reduction, of parking lot surveillance and we are proud to be the company that made it possible.”