Security Service Strategy

Layer3 Security Services® believes that an effective physical security effort hinges on education and careful planning.  Layer3 provides a monthly newsletter describing the latest developments, technologies and successes in the IP video surveillance space. Layer3 also offers quarterly educational seminars designed to empower you and your staff with the knowledge to make sound decisions and put your budgeted security dollars to good use. Our knowledge provides our clients with a range of information regarding access control systems and much more.

The more we understand about your business, your needs and your concerns, the more successful we will be in selecting an IP video surveillance solution that will address your institution’s goals; consequently, our approach emphasizes the free flow of information and pays particular attention to the early (planning) phases in our project execution process; these early steps include the initial ‘free assessment’, followed by the ‘detailed site survey’ and ultimately, the 'system design'.

If these early steps are carefully executed, goals clearly communicated and required information exchanged , the remaining phases, which include ‘integration’, ‘installation’, ‘training’ and ‘maintenance’ will flow effortlessly and the end result will, no doubt, meet your objectives.

Layer3’s approach to doing business is founded on this important principle, which we call “Security through Knowledge”. Take some time to review these web pages to learn more about our company. You can also contact us for additional information regarding our security solutions and services.