Video Surveillance

IPVS solutions from Layer3 Security Services®: This presentation outlines the benefits of IP Video Surveillance while describing Layer3 Security Service's capabilities

Commnexus Event on Video Surveillance: The Digital Media SIG Presents: Video Surveillance Technology at Work Facilitating Security in Private and Public Locations

Layer3 Security Services® provides IP-based video surveillance (IPVS) and other physical security solutions to private and public institutions including industrial and research facilities, business campuses, hospitals, K-12 schools, universities, and government agencies.

Whether designing a new IP surveillance...

If you’re in need of a full-scale security system in the Los Angeles area, contact us today for a consultation. While our focus is IP video surveillance, if your project also includes intrusion detection, alarm monitoring or access control, Layer3 Security Services® can provide a turnkey solution that addresses all of your needs.

Layer3 Security Services® has partnered with some of the leading technology...

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