Security Services for Industries Served in San Diego and Surrounding Areas

Layer3 Security Services® provides IP-based video surveillance (IPVS) and other physical security solutions to private and public institutions including industrial and research facilities, business campuses, amusement attractions , K-12 schools, universities, and government agencies.

Whether designing a new IP surveillance system, or upgrading and enhancing an existing access control or intrusion detection system for a school, government agency or industrial facility, Layer3 spends considerable effort understanding the customer’s needs, expectations, and budget in order to provide solutions that are optimized for each and every situation.



Commercial institutions have traditionally relied on video surveillance for a variety of applications, including loss prevention in retail environments, office and perimeter security in campus settings, surveillance of parking facilities, remote monitoring of facilities used for the transportation of goods and people.  Each commercial application spans a wide variety of needs, which usually starts with risks mitigation but may also include operational efficiencies and improved enterprise control.

2Industrial & Manufacturing

Whether installing a new industrial and manufacturing access control platform or upgrading an existing CCTV surveillance installation, Layer3 Security Services® provides enterprise security solutions for all types of industrial environments including manufacturing plants, mines, construction sites, distribution facilities, warehousing centers, farms, and material storage facilities. Your industrial or manufacturing business can benefit from IP based security solution; these solutions have a documented history of improving employee safety, reducing theft, and minimizing loss.


Senior educators leading K-12 schools, Colleges and Universities have been turning to IP video surveillance systems and other IP based security solutions as a key component in their overall plan to create an educational environment that is both safe and conducive to learning. These solutions provide schools with “eyes that never sleep” to monitor facilities, students and events.

Campus monitoring can increase the safety of schools through IP-based surveillance systems. They provide school principals and facilities managers with the ability to locate, view, save and export video clips of even minor events. These capabilities are proven to dramatically reduce vandalism and school violence. The high resolution inherent in IP-based surveillance systems have an extensive and well documented track-record of catching, positively identifying and prosecuting the individuals responsible for facilities damage and gang activity.



At Layer3 Security Services®, we focus on IP video surveillance, intrusion detection, alarm monitoring, and access control. We provide turnkey solutions to keep your government agency secure so you can ensure the safety of your employees and visitors.

Government Agencies have successfully deployed and managed IP video surveillance solutions in parks, water treatment facilities, public transportation, recreation areas, offices and urban public spaces. The needs of government agencies are as broad and diverse as the agencies themselves. However, they share common goals in terms of public safety, crime prevention, employee protection, event monitoring and customer service. Layer3 Security Services® provides fully integrated IP based security solutions for all branches of local government.


5Life Sciences

Chief security and information officers in both biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies know that they face unique vulnerabilities which surround their laboratories, research facilities, and other elements of supply chains. These elements include vendor pipelines, manufacturing, distribution, and retail.

Keeping your healthcare facility safe is attainable with the expert help of Layer3 Security Services®. With our San Diego security services, your healthcare facility can receive the surveillance, access control and intrusion detection it needs to ensure the safety of your building, staff, and customers.


6Amusement & Entertainment

Amusement parks, resorts, museums, zoos and entertainment venues receive millions of visitors each year.  These large, sprawling institutions bring family, friends and strangers together for fun filled days and memorable events; however, they also present unique security challenges due to the large number of people, the size of the facilities and the variety of security and life-safety challenges.

Layer3 Security Services® provides life-safety and security solutions to world renowned amusement and entertainment facilities in Southern California solutions.  These solutions include IP video surveillance, access control, intrusion detection, perimeter protection, mass notification and more.  Layer3’s amusement and entertainment security and life safety solutions will provide your establishment with the protection it needs to ensure the safety of visitors, staff and exhibits.