Layer3 Security Services believes that an effective physical security effort hinges on education and careful planning.

Layer3 provides a monthly newsletter describing the latest developments, technologies and successes in the IP video surveillance space. Layer3 also offers quarterly educational seminars designed to empower you and your staff with the knowledge to make sound decisions and put your budgeted security dollars to good use. Our knowledge provides our clients with a range of information regarding access control systems and much more.

The more we understand about your business, your needs and your concerns, the more successful we will be in selecting an IP video surveillance solution that will address your institution’s goals; consequently, our approach emphasizes the free flow of information and pays particular attention to the early (planning) phases in our project execution process; these early steps include the initial ‘free assessment’, followed by the ‘detailed site survey’ and ultimately, the ‘system design’.

If these early steps are carefully executed, goals clearly communicated and required information exchanged , the remaining phases, which include ‘integration’, ‘installation’, ‘training’ and ‘maintenance’ will flow effortlessly and the end result will, no doubt, meet your objectives.

Layer3’s approach to doing business is founded on this important principle, which we call “Security through Knowledge”. Take some time to review these web pages to learn more about our company. You can also contact us for additional information regarding our security solutions and services.

Burglar 2Free Consultation

“The beginning is the most important part of the work.” – Plato.

Our process begins with a free consultation, which consists of a site visit and meetings with key decision makers. During this important phase, we provide guidance, planning tools and frameworks that will help you and your team conduct risk assessments and industry benefits beyond security (example: operational excellence), that may accrue from the deployment of an IP Video Surveillance solution.

The free consultation phase concludes with a presentation where the Layer3 Security Services® team provides a needs assessment based on the data collected during the initial site visit, as well as, the information provided by those most in the know, the individuals who operate and manage the institution being protected.

Three DisciplinesSite Assessment

Once the free consultation phase is completed and the anticipated project cost and scope are found to be consistent with the institution’s goals for the access control systems or the video surveillance project, the site survey phase officially launches.

During this phase, detailed information is collected, including specific project goals, site layout and topography, security risks, operational data, existing IT infrastructure, camera placements, light readings, and video storage requirements. The output of the site survey phase becomes the input of the System Design and Proposal phase.

System Design_pr96612[1]System Design & Proposal

Once armed with the information collected during the Site Survey phase, Layer3’s team launches into the System Design process. The full weight of Layer3’s expertise and capabilities in physical security and IP networking comes to bear on the project during this phase.

Key steps during System Design phase include System Architecture, Product Selection, and Sizing of Major System Components. This phase concludes with the preparation and delivery of a formal proposal describing in detail the selected components and key elements for each proposed design, along with financial and timeline considerations and commitments. We value our customers above all else and stand ready to assist you with your security needs.

Install_1813058[1]Integration & Installation

Once we receive your instruction to go ahead with the project, equipment is ordered and then integrated in the state of the art evaluation and integration lab located in our Sorrento Mesa office. During this phase, Layer3 leverages its project execution experience and construction knowhow in order to complete the project on time and to your specifications.  Regular progress meetings ensure that you are kept informed and given a voice during this phase from start to finish.  Layer3 Security Services® is a licensed California contractor and is led by a Civil Engineer with a specialty in construction and project management. We can provide any of your access control systems needs.

Training_bxp277595[1]Customer Training

Our work is not done until your team is well trained and ready to make full use of your new state of the art IP Video Surveillance system.  The Layer3 team will prepare detailed documentation on the system and its configuration and will leverage this information, as well as, the Layer3 IPVS training program to impart the knowhow and information your team will need to extract the most value from your new video surveillance installation.  Project acceptance follows training and once that happens your project is officially complete. Gain knowledge on access control security and much more.

Maintenance_pr87726[1]Service & Maintenance

Layer3’s involvement and support does not end when the system is commissioned. Layer3 offers three levels of service: Platinum, Gold, and Silver, each designed to ensure that your access control system or security system continues to operate as well as it did on day one.

Whatever your budget, there is a Layer3 service and maintenance program for you. Varying response times and support options are available under the Layer3 offering; you choose what program fits your needs and your budget in order to advance your knowledge of security systems in the San Diego area.