When the San Diego branch of Industrial Metal Supply Company (IMS) went looking for an electronic security integrator to help them upgrade their video surveillance system, they chose Layer3 Security Services®. “Our business is complex and combines logistics, retail, and production – all under one roof. We chose Layer3 Security Services® because they proposed an affordable yet innovative design that addressed the unique needs of each business function in our branch”, said Melissa DaSilva, Manager, IMS San Diego. “Since going live in April of this year, this system has already delivered measurable and significant value in loss prevention and shipping accuracy,” said Ms. DaSilva.

The solution deployed by Layer3 Security Services® covers large indoor and outdoor spaces with a reduced number of cameras by leveraging the power of hemispheric technology and megapixel imaging. “Technology continues to evolve and megapixel, fish-eye cameras are no exception. As these camera systems become more affordable and easier to use, their improved situational awareness and visual detail, make them an increasingly popular choice among security professionals”, said Sara Santana, CEO, Layer3 Security Services®.

About IMS: Industrial Metal Supply Company (IMS) is a full line metal distributor serving Southern California and Arizona metal users in Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County, Inland Empire, and Phoenix. Since 1948, the company has grown to become a respected aluminum, steel and sheet metal supplier by combining a wide range of products and services with customer-oriented support.