Layer3 Security Services is bringing BriefCam’s Video Synopsis software to security professionals across Southern California. Briefcam’s award-winning video review software allows end users to view hours of recorded video in just minutes. “Typically, one hour of video can be reduced to a search lasting just a few minutes, allowing the security team to search and find the desired footage in a fraction of the time required with traditional video surveillance solutions”, said Dario Santana, President of Layer3 Security Services.

BriefCam’s ReView function involves uploading recorded video onto a secure server running software, which separates the dynamic and static objects in each frame and catalogs these in a database. Objects are categorized using metadata that describes many attributes including color, size, date and time, duration and direction of travel. The data is condensed into a single frame and objects with corresponding time stamps are shown simultaneously.

Briefcam’s ReSearch function allows users to analyze data and gain insights into behaviors and patterns – and by doing so, make informed decision. Applications of the ReSearch function includes dwell maps, objects left behind, path of travel and heat maps.

Briefcam’s ReSpond function can send scheduled alerts to specific people and departments through push notifications, allowing for timely response to important events. ReSpond processes events that have previously gone undetected and makes them available to users at the click of a button.

More information on BriefCam and its many benefits can be found in this video:

Please contact us at or call us at (858) 751-7555 if you would like to learn how Layer3 Security Services and BriefCam can help you reduce significantly video search times while allowing you to gain insights and obtain alerts from the video being recorded by your surveillance systems today.