A leading Southern California asphalt company chose Layer3 Security Services® to protect a facility that has been the target of vandalism and theft in recent years. Buffered from adjacent commercial and residential properties by green space and open terrain, the plant’s isolation had made it an easy target for metal and equipment thieves, gangs, and transients.

In 2010, after many security incidents, the asphalt company hired security guards to protect the plant over-night and during weekends, while it looked for a permanent security solution that combined man-guarding and electronic systems. In early 2012, after considering numerous proposals submitted by local security integrators, the company chose a solution proposed by Layer3 Security Services®.

“We looked at the many challenges posed by this site: first, its relative isolation yet proximity to urban areas, which provides access and cover for those with ill intentions; second, the concentration of transients and gangs near the plant; and finally, the history of metal and equipment thefts in the area; and concluded that any effective solution at this site must include three key elements: DETECT, DETER, and DISPATCH”, said Dario Santana, President of Layer3 Security Services®.

In this case, DETECTION is accomplished with an outdoor intrusion detection system consisting of motion detectors with built-in video cameras. The system sends a 10 second video clip of every motion event to the central station. If the video shows human activity, the monitoring agent logs into a video surveillance system equipped with two-way audio capability and issues a voice command. The warning to the intruder is clear, concise and direct: “you are trespassing, leave this property immediately – security is on the way”. This voice down command is designed to DETER intruders from stealing or vandalizing by convincing them that it is in their best interest to exit the property immediately. Finally, and only in the case of a verified human intrusion, a guard response from Able Patrol and Guard is DISPATCHED, which arrives on scene within minutes, signaling to those with ill intent an unwavering commitment to protect the plant and its assets.

“This solution has exceeded the expectations of all involved. Since the deployment of this video verified alarm system in June of 2012, our customer has not experienced a single loss from theft or vandalism,” said Dario.