As a new entrant in the security field, video verified alarm systems are different from other security systems because they are not BLIND.

Our eBook provides all of the information you could possibly need in order to understand how to keep your business or organization safe when you are not there.

In this eBook:

  • The Importance of Security
  • Alarm Systems have become Safer & More Effective
  • Traditional Alarms Described
  • Video Verified Alarms: A Security System with Eyes
  • What Makes Video Verified Technology Different?
  • I have a few cameras in my facility already: Can I use those in concert with a traditional alarm system?
  • With these added capabilities, how is it that video verified equipment costs are similar to traditional alarms?
  • If these systems are really that portable, can they be installed anywhere?
  • Can I avoid the false alarm penalties imposed by my city by using video verified alarms?
  • Will I receive a break in my insurance by deploying video verified alarm?