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Meet our team: Hunter Schneider

Meet Hunter Schneider, a new member of Layer3 Security Services’ team. Hunter is currently a fourth year undergraduate student at the University of California- San Diego. He is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Nano Engineering as well as a minor in entrepreneurship/innovative technology. Hunter joined the team a little less than 6 months ago as a Project Engineering Intern and his duties include assisting the team in both the field and office setting. Along with his position at Layer3 and as a student, Hunter works with children with autism as a Behavior Therapist. He has been working with children [...]

Layer3 Security Services sponsors Faith-Based Active Shooter Preparedness Workshop

Layer3 Security Services is proud to announce our sponsorship of the Faith-Based Active Shooter Preparedness Workshop, hosted by the Department of Homeland Security. As a security service provider to the San Diego area, Layer3 would like to assist with the concerns and needs of the community to work together to address active shooter threats. The purpose of the workshop is to share information on threats, available grants, preparedness, mitigation and security design best practices. The workshop presented on the following topics: San Diego Law Enforcement Coordination Center (SD-LECC) Private Sector Resources, DHS Intelligence Presentation on Threats to Mass Gathering Venues, [...]

Security Comes Out of the Closet

Author: Sara Haber Santana Internet Protocol (IP) technology has transformed the way we work, communicate and even entertain. Now, that same technology is changing the way we secure and protect the things we value most: our institutions, assets and people. It wasn’t that long ago when we relied on the mailman to deliver our messages. In most cases, it took a stamp and three days to get our thoughts across to friends, customers or business associates. Today, we can accomplish the same thing at lightning speed, a thousand times a day, without licking a single stamp, thanks to e-mail applications [...]

Get it RIGHT from the start. Outlining your IPVS project goals in three easy steps.

Plato said “the beginning is the most important part of the work” and getting the most value from your IP video surveillance deployment starts with a clear understanding of your organization’s surveillance goals. This requires planning and the involvement of those members of your team that will play a role in the project and everyone of your staff member that will benefit from the IPVS deployment. This white paper outlines a simple three step process that should be followed in order to establish your goals for the video surveillance project; these steps are: 1. The Kickoff Meeting – or the [...]

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